"Great locations + Great service + Great Artwork = Great results."

"That was the formula I experienced with Koala!"

Andy Hernan

Griffin Pools, Inc.

Our billboards are located on strategic major roadways that promote your business 24/7 to a large number of potential customers.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you use outdoor advertising to increase your business.

  • Delivers a lower cost per thousand and a lower cost per rating point compared to other local media
  • Localizes messages to geographic or demographic targets
  • Delivers messages in an uncluttered environment with dynamic colors using photographic representations
  • Offers advertisers a variety of different media products, schedule durations and weights fitting in almost any ad budget
  • Delivers repeated exposures of your message to today's highly mobile consumer
  • More exposure for the ad dollars being invested
  • Saves money by minimizing the wasted exposures that reach non-prospects
  • Messages will be seen by consumers so brands will stand out from competitors
  • A customized media plan that fits budget objectives, seeing results quicker
  • Ad dollars have more impact because consumers will retain a brand name and message over the competition
  • With outdoor in an advertising mix, marketing and media objectives will be achieved more effectively and efficiently

For Koala Outdoor's coverage information, please contact

Gabrielle O'Toole

Phone: 863-224-3503
P O Box 96 Lakeland, FL 33802